T5 USB Charger Wiring

First off, thank you for purchasing one of my chargers. I have designed them to be easily installed without the need to solder or crimp.

Below are a few images that should help with the installation.


First of all the Red wire needs to be plugged into the fuse box.

The fuse box is located below the radio / heater controls, undo the screw and pop down the cover.

Take out the desired dash blank and feed down the wire to the fuse box.

Locate Fuse 19, in the middle of the middle row, remove and insert the ‘piggyback’ fuse from the charger. Re-insert the removed fuse into the spare slot on the piggyback fuse.

** Please note : The wire must come out the fuse holder towards the floor as pictured. **

Next you need to find a negative feed for the black wire.

I’d advise to route the wire to either side of the dashboard, take off the side panel and bolt to the metal frame.


Alternatively, you can pick up the electrical feed from an alternative loom, if you do, you’ll need to install an inline 2amp fuse.