Hello and welcome to my online shop.

My names Vinny Ware I purchased my first VW T4 in 2012 and converted it into a campervan. Once i completed the conversion i wanted a better instrument cluster, so started to look into converting Passat and Bora clusters to work in the T4. With some electronic and programming knowledge, I spent the next 18 months trailing and testing the clusters in my spare time.  I now convert clusters and install 3d Colour screens too!

Moving forward I wanted a OEM style usb charger. I couldn’t stand how ugly the cigarette lighter charger’s looked. Since there were none out there I purchased myself a 3d printer and started making some 3d models.

Once i found the perfect design, I sent the units to china to be made. The cost of tooling along was in excess of £7000 here in the UK. Once manufactured i offered the product to the VW community, but soon after my supplier slightly changed the design and started selling the items for less than i could purchased them for. 🙁

End of 2019 my T5 designs was complete, but i wasn’t going to make the same mistake. i had different parts of the charger made in different factories and i assemble them at home in the UK.

My passion lays in creating new products and have some new ideas in the pipeline.

Keep Checking back  for updates 🙂

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